Skype Video Coaching


  1. One Skype session ($175)
  2. Three Skype sessions for a period of six weeks ($375)
  3. Best Value: Five Skype sessions for a period of eight weeks ($499)

One-on-one coaching without the expense of time, travel and lodging.

If you are preparing for a specific audition, you can choose to play your required solo repertoire plus the excerpts, or only the excerpts. Skype sessions have a time limit of 90 minutes.

If you are just starting out getting into audition shape and want to prepare your own list of excerpts, refer to the the suggestions under Most Commonly Asked Excerpts in the back of "Mastering the Orchestra Audition." 

The only requirement for a Skype Video session, is High Speed Internet. Although sound quality sometimes suffers slightly, and there is an occasional lag between sound and video, the convenience is well worth the minor inconvieniences.

To arrange one of the Skype packages, please contact Roger Frisch at:

Nota bene: Refer to the book section, The Most Common Mistake in Auditions. Playing your solo stronger than the excerpts, or vice versa, is a common misstep which happens much too frequently. Both the solo and excerpts sections of the audition must be of equal strength.

As Associate Concertmaster of the Minnesota Orchestra, Frisch remains one of the premier violin coaches in the U.S. for preparing musicians for orchestra auditions. His specialty is in coaching violinists; as a international clinician he has coached other orchestral instruments in master classes and private coaching sessions.