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Mastering the Orchestra Audition Guide Book

​This informative and detailed e-book will walk you through every aspect of the symphony orchestra audition process for your upcoming orchestral audition. Included is a 6-week step-by-step program, invaluable audition tips, and a guide to available positions.

Questions Answered:

How do you find out about audition openings, best online sources? How many people are typically on an Audition Committee?  Are auditions "rigged"? Can an audition committee really be unbiased? What You Will be Expected to Play? Who chooses the Audition Repertoire? Who will pay for Travel Expenses, Transportation, Food and Lodging?

Also Included:

Preparing a Pre-Acceptance Recording if required​

The Most Common Excerpts asked in orchestra auditions for all the instruments of the orchestra

The extensive section on how to cope with Performance Nerves

THE MOST COMMON  MISTAKE in an Orchestra Audition

And Much More...

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